We bring locally famous condiments to a nationwide audience.

Condiments are more than just dips, toppings, sauces, spreads, and seasonings. They provide the variety, flavor, spice and character to everything you eat, whether you’ve realized it yet or not. Without condiments, food would be woefully plain and eating would be downright boring (and I’d be 40 lbs. lighter, based on modest estimates).

Across the world, all people consume essentially the same foods. Yet from city to city, country to country and continent to continent, everyone experiences these foods differently because every culture has its own unique methods of augmentation. See what I’m getting at here? Every culture has its own condiments, and its these condiments that define and distinguish culinary traditions from one locale to another.

In many places, condiments are local treasures and well-kept secrets, known and cherished only by those who have grown up with them or had the privilege of stopping by. For decades, these famous condiments have been kept secret because they only traveled through word of mouth and never transcended the internet… until now.

Condiment Connection seeks out those cultural gems to share with you their remarkable stories and make them available for you to buy. The adventures of this condiment crusade will be documented via The Condiment Corner, and I hope you choose to follow along by becoming a member of our community.

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Let’s get saucy.

Eric Murphy
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