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10 GIFs That Explain Every Condiment Lover’s Super Bowl Experience

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The biggest sporting event of the year, the Super Bowl, will be played this Sunday between the Falcons and Patriots. You’re either watching because you love the Patriots, hate the Patriots, want to see all the great new commercials that everyone will be talking about at work the next day, or you’re just there for the food. That person is Carol. She doesn’t even like football, and nobody likes her.

Aside from football, good Super Bowl parties come with one very important thing: lots of food and, of course, condiments. For all you condiment lovers out there, here are the GIFs that will likely define your Super Bowl experience:

When you show up 5 minutes late and the BBQ sauce for the chicken fingers is already gone:

bbq sauce is gone

But not as late as your friend Carol, who was supposed bring the queso:

friend is late gif

When the pizza delivery guy arrives but he forgot cheese dip for the breadsticks:

no cheese sauce gif

And of course Carol talks through all of the commercials:
talks through commercials gif

Someone made nachos, but Carol ate all the toppings off first, leaving the majority of the “nachos” as plain tortilla chips:
nacho toppings gif

You get up to get ketchup for the mini hot dogs and while you’re up, Carol takes your seat:

friend takes seat gif

Then Carol, a well-known hot dog elitist (mustard only!), complains when you put ketchup on said mini hot dogs:

complain about ketchup gif

You eventually decide to eat some vegetables to balance out your Super Bowl diet, but you run out of bleu cheese and ranch long before carrots and celery:

ate all the ranch gif

And just when your stomach can’t handle any more fried food or condiments… the dessert comes out:

dessert gif

Then, of course, the morning after fried-food-and-condiment-induced tummy ache:

condiment tummy ache gif

Yeah, the Super Bowl is always a blast for condiment lovers. This year should be no different!

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