4 Irish Condiments

4 Irish Condiments You’d Be Lucky to Try This St. Patty’s Day

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St. Patrick’s Day is upon us! Each year, we dress from head to toe in green, paint four-leaf clovers on our faces, and dance the night away to the Irish Jig! Bagpipes are blaring, Leprechauns are frolicking and alcohol consumption is in full force. Here at Condiment Connection, we celebrate justtttt a bit differently. We will have our fair share of Guinness, but we will pace ourselves mixing sips with condiments. Behold, the Condiment Guide to doing Saint Patty’s Day right!

ballymaloe country relish

1) Ballymaloe Country Relish

Never been a relish guy, but Ballymaloe is the KING of relish in Ireland. With more of a ketchup/tomato base, this delicious and versatile condiment goes perfect on burgers, cold cut sandwiches and French fries. Comes in a jar or squirt bottle. We are all about the squirt bottle here. Who has time to stick a spoon in a jar? If you’re making burgers for St. Patty’s day, go full Irish and pick up some Ballymaloe.

guinness sauce

2) Guinness Smooth & Intense Sauce

Didn’t know Guinness made a sauce? That’s what we are here for, people! Now you can drink your Guinness and eat your Guinness! Considered to rival the HP Brown Sauce, the Guinness Smooth & Intense Sauce is described as a “beautifully balanced, rich, dark sauce.” Is your mouth watering yet? No, well this should do the trick. 7% of the ingredients in each bottle is pure Guinness beer. Now we’re talking! Instead of blacking out this year, go for a brown out and throw the Guinness Smooth & Intense Sauce all over your St. Patty’s day meal.

yr sauce

3) YR Original Sauce

Now this was a new one for us. But hey, you learn something new every day. A firm favorite in the Irish table sauce market, YR Original Sauce is the market leader in the brown sauce category. Considered to be thick and tangy, YR sauce is perfect on Irish Sausages. So go to your local grocery store, find the YR sauce/Irish Sausage isle and GO HAM. It won’t disappoint.

baxters mint jelly

4) Baxter’s Mint Jelly

Okay, you’re about to kiss someone on St. Patty’s. Your breath STINKS of beer. You’re completely self-conscious. Ask the bartender for some Baxter’s Mint Jelly, he’ll know what you’re talking about!  Baxter’s website calls it the perfect “accompaniment to a traditional Sunday roast.” No clue what a Sunday roast is, and St. Patty’s is on a Friday this year, but hey, you’re probably roasted! Made with fragrant mint leaves, this probably tastes like the gum that you don’t chew. I’m still unsure what I’d recommend to put this on, it may just be best to eat it straight up to clear your palate. But, it’s St. Patty’s Day, so you’ve got to eat something green!

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