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The Chicago Famous Condiment 4-Pack

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With a local design, beautiful presentation and top-notch products, this package is an excellent gift for showing off the famous flavors of Chicago.

The Chicago Famous Condiment 4-Pack includes the following:

– Carson’s Signature Barbecue Sauce
– Hienie’s Chicago Hot Sauce
– Marconi Brand Hot Giardiniera
– Vienna Beef Sport Peppers

Comes with FREE:

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  • personalized note
  • guaranteed delivery date

These condiments all have special meanings to the city of Chicago, and you’ll get their unique stories along with the condiments themselves when you buy the box.

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Product Description

What’s inside:


Carson’s Signature Barbecue Sauce – 16 oz.

Since its founding nearly 40 years ago, Carson’s has been committed to the art of authentic slow-cooked barbecue. Known in Chicago as “The Place for Ribs,” Carson’s smokes their ribs in a natural hickory wood-burning pit. Their famous barbecue sauce, known simply as “Art in a Bottle,” is at the core of the restaurant’s legacy.


Hienie’s Chicago Hot Sauce – 17.4 oz.

Hienie’s unique neon-orange, mustard-based hot sauce began as a Southside Chicago tradition nearly 70 years ago. After a cult following had them shipping orders of gallon jugs across the country, Hienie’s was featured in the Chicago Tribune, Food Guide and a variety of other news outlets. What was a local Chicago secret is now country-wide sensation.

Marconi Hot Giardiniera


Marconi Hot Giardiniera – 16 oz.

A product of the V. Formosa Co., which dates back to 1898 in Chicago, the secret of Marconi brand hot giardiniera has been passed down through 4 generations of Italian owners. Originally popularized with the Italian beef sandwich, this condiment is inseparable from the culinary history of Chicago.

Vienna Beef Sport Peppers


Vienna Beef Sport Peppers – 12 oz.

Vienna Beef traces its history back to 1893 when Austro-Hungarian immigrants introduced their family frankfurter recipe at the Columbian Exposition. Since that time, Vienna Beef has become synonymous with the Chicago-style hot dog, as well as its famed toppings, including the sport pepper.

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Attribute Information
Weight 100 oz
Dimensions 14 x 9 x 4 in

6 reviews for The Chicago Famous Condiment 4-Pack

  1. Laura Moehling
    5 out of 5

    I bought the Chicago condiment box for my brother-in-law’s birthday. We have fondly called Mark the condiment man for years. While we are long enjoying our meals, Mark is still in the refrigerator or pantry selecting just the right condiment. Mark and some friends get together every few months for a condiment dinner. The host simply provides plain grilled chicken (condiment free) and all the guys bring their assorted condiments and try to one up each other. So when I heard of the Condiment Connection Chicago Gift box, I thought what a perfect gift for Mark. Did I mention that Mark has worked downtown Chicago for 30 years and is a die-hard Chicago sports fan. I knew he would be a tough critic of the gift… but I felt confident and excited to see his expression when he opened the gift. He loved it! The packaging was impressive and set the tone of a quality and unique gift. Mark had never had a couple of the condiments and others were his favorites… he was eager to enjoy all of them. Thank you CC for an affordable, unique and fun gift. I will defiantly be ordering from you again and look forward to more opportunities to see the reaction of someone opening the perfect gift.

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  2. keryn frankel
    5 out of 5

    Bought both the Chicago and the Indianapolis pack and am absolutely thrilled! Customer service kept me informed of the package’s status and presentation can’t be beat. Love the fact that you give the info about each condiment. It is a delicious and fun gift! I can hardly wait for CC to expand into other areas. Something for everyone!

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  3. Alex S
    5 out of 5

    As a recent transplant to New York City from Chicago, I get a little nostalgic from time to time for a taste of the Second City. The other week, I was having these feelings of nostalgia when I came across Condiment Connection and their Chicago pack. It had a lot of my old favorites and some condiments I hadn’t tried before so I decided to purchase a box to try them out. I was amazed at how quickly the package arrived (shipped within 24 hours and was at my door a couple days later). The packaging was really neat and what was even more special was that each condiment had a story behind it that was written on a pamphlet in the box. For me, though, what really mattered was the condiments themselves! The giardiniera and sport peppers were just as good as I remembered them. I hadn’t tried Hienie’s hot sauce or Carson’s barbeque, but both of them were delicious. Both of them can go on just about anything, but my roommates and I have found that Hienie’s is really good when mixed with hummus (we’re Jews in New York so we eat a lot of hummus). I’ve also used both to marinate chicken and as dipping sauces. Overall, the box was everything I was hoping for and more. I will definitely be re-ordering this box and am excited to see what other boxes are coming soon!

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  4. Kevin
    5 out of 5

    I am loving the Chicago Famous 4-pack! It got here last week and basically every food I have eaten since has had at least one of the sauces on it. As a spicy food aficionado, I particularly love the Hienie’s and Marconi’s hot giardiniera

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  5. TONY C
    5 out of 5

    – 5 star rating
    – Great condiments
    – Neat packaging (perfect gift idea for yourself or someone else)
    – Shipped fast

    I ordered my Chicago 4-pack last week on Monday and it was at my door by Thursday. The outside of the packaging is sturdy, clean and has a handle. The outside of the box comes with the portrait of the Chicago skyline, and on the inside comes with a customized description of the city’s condiment culture as well as the condiments themselves — this screams “gift-idea” right off the bat.

    The condiments themselves were very good. I cant yet decide which of mine is my favorite. I use the sport peppers on everything hot dog, brat, and Italian Sausage related and it adds a great kick. The Carson’s BBQ sauce not only is delicious, but has a consistency that makes it perfect for burgers, fries or salads where other, thicker BBQ sauce’s don’t quite do the trick. The hot sauce is also very good, and I have found that it goes especially well with fried chicken salads. The giardiniera is possibly the most versatile condiment in the box. Classic uses include: Pizza, chicken, sandwiches, pasta….its all good. It can go on just about anything though, and my roommates and I have found that it is really good when mixed with hummus (we’re Jews in Chicago so we eat a lot of hummus)

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  6. Ross Schumacher
    5 out of 5

    about this box:
    +hot giardelli is absolutely nuts. Goes so well on so many different entrees. I put it in beef, brats, and pasta

    +the barbecue sauce is one of my new favorites. Sweeter side, goes well on everything. Especially chicken.

    +sports pickles. Don’t have a ton of uses, but pack the perfect amount of heat. Make my brats that much better

    -hot sauce. Has trouble standing out in a pretty packed box. It’s creamier than most hot sauces, but doesn’t really differentiate itself much from other players in the hot sauce game

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