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The Cincinnati Famous Condiment 4-Pack

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This Famous Condiment 4-pack is the perfect gift for showcasing the famous flavors of Cincinnati.

This gift box features the following local favorites from Cincinnati:

– Skyline Chili sauce
– Montgomery Inn Barbecue Sauce
– LaRosa’s Family Recipe Pizza Sauce
– Grippo’s Gourmet Bar-B-Q Spice

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Product Description

What’s inside:


Skyline Chili Sauce – 15 oz.

In 1949, Nicholas Lambrinides opened his first restaurant overlooking the skyline of Cincinnati. His signature item was a chili sauce made from a family recipe that originated in Kastoria, Greece. Today, Skyline Chili is a quintessential piece of Cincinnati’s culinary history.


Montgomery Inn Barbecue Sauce – 18 oz.

This iconic Cincinnati sauce dates back to the late 1950s when Ted Gregory asked his wife, Matula, to cook up some ribs while he entertained friends at the Montgomery Inn bar. The meal was such a hit that Gregory’s friends kept coming back. Matula’s ribs and signature sauce have been on the menu ever since.


LaRosa’s Pizza Sauce – 14 oz.

In 1954 Buddy LaRosa opened his first pizzeria in Cincinnati using his Aunt Dena’s secret sauce recipe. What started as a local, family-run business is now an empire with more than 60 locations spread across Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. The signature pizza sauce, of course, has remained unchanged.


Grippo’s Gourmet Bar-B-Q Spice – 5.8 oz.

In 1919 Angelo Grippo got his start manufacturing sugar cones in a one-room office in Cincinnati. After adding potato chips to his product line in 1959, the name “Grippo’s” became synonymous with its famous Bar-B-Q flavor, a unique blend of spices that’s remained secret for nearly 60 years.

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