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Anchor Bar Buffalo Wing Sauce


12 oz. 

Behold, the reason why Buffalo wings are called Buffalo wings. From humble beginnings in a blue collar bar to a worldwide culinary phenomenon, Anchor Bar’s original sauce is the sauce that put Buffalo wings on the map.

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Product Description

World-famous Buffalo wings were conceived on March 4, 1964 when Dominic Bellisimo asked his mother, Teressa, to make something for him and his friends to eat while he was bartending at the now-iconic Anchor Bar Restaurant in downtown Buffalo, New York.

What Teressa cooked up was somewhat unconventional—she had deep fried chicken wings and flavored them with a secret sauce. In that time, wings were parts of the chicken that were traditionally used in a stock pot to flavor soup rather than eaten alone. No matter, because they were an instant hit and from that evening on, Buffalo wings became a staple on the menu at the Anchor Bar.

Buffalo wings have since become a worldwide phenomenon, and it all began with this Anchor Bar wing sauce whose flavor is now used interchangeably with the name of its city of origin—Buffalo, New York.

Made from a blend of Cayenne pepper, vinegar, salt, garlic, margarine and other secret ingredients, Anchor Bar buffalo wing sauce should be mixed into or poured over cooked wings for the ultimate taste of Buffalo.

*Refrigerate after opening*

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