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Hienie’s Chicago Style Hot Sauce


17.4 oz.

Hienie’s unique neon-orange, mustard-based hot sauce began as a Southside Chicago tradition nearly 70 years ago. After a cult following had them shipping orders of gallon jugs across the country, Hienie’s was featured in the Chicago Tribune, Food Guide and a variety of other news outlets. What was a local Chicago secret is now country-wide sensation.

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Product Description

A quintessential small-town restaurant on the South side of Chicago, Hienie’s has remained a family affair for generations since its humble beginnings in 1947. Nowadays, visitors come from all over Chicago to taste what’s become known as the best fried chicken and shrimp in the region.

Not long after its founding, Hienie’s owner realized the restaurant needed a signature condiment to go along with its famous fried fish and chicken. Thus, Hienie’s hot sauce was born.  A creamy, neon-orange mixture of mustard and hot peppers, this condiment has come to define the flavor known as Chicago-style hot sauce.

Hienie’s hot sauce has created a cult following since the restaurant’s early days that is now a nationwide sensation. Owner Larry Dal Santo has been shipping the sauce by the gallon for years to loyal fans across the country. The restaurant itself goes through 70 gallons of it per week.

Since bottling the sauce for consumers for the first time in November of 2015, the sauce has been featured in 10 different local retailers on Chicago’s South side. Condiment Connection is proud to be Hienie’s first online sales partner.

This unique hot sauce is a perfect complement to chicken, fish, shrimp and pizza, but the Hienie’s faithful will tell you it suits just about anything.

*No need to refrigerate*

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