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La Nova BBQ Sauce


19 oz. 

Buffalo’s favorite pizza chain is also the company that introduced chicken wings to pizzerias across America. Revered for their world famous barbeque wings, this sweet sauce is the secret to their success.

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Product Description

La Nova’s story began in 1957 when Joe Todaro (Papa Joe) started La Nova Pizzeria in Tonawanda. Working day and night with his son Joe (Big Joe), who was 12 years old, they built the foundation of the business that would grow into the largest independent pizza chain in America.

After the opening of a new pizzeria in 1971 under Big Joe’s leadership, La Nova introduced classic Buffalo favorites like White Pizza and Steak and Cheese subs. Most monumental of all, however, was the creation of La Nova’s barbeque wings, which quickly became iconic in Buffalo.

La Nova Wings Inc., started in 1993, is responsible for introducing Buffalo wings to pizzerias across the country. Now sold in all 50 states, La Nova wings are as much a part of the business as the award-winning pizza unanimously known to be Buffalo’s best.

La Nova’s sweet, tangy BBQ sauce is responsible for the locally-famous wings that are revered by Buffalonians and feared by competitors. While the perfect complement to your next wing dinner, this BBQ sauce plays well with anything that goes on the grill.

*Refrigerate after opening*

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Weight 22 oz
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