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Momofuku Ssäm Sauce


11 oz. 

A staple in every Momofuku restaurant since 2004.  Ssäm sauce balances the spiciness of Korean chilies with a tangy and rich flavor. Say goodbye to sriracha.

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Product Description

In 2004 world-renowned chef, author and TV personality David Chang opened Momofuku Noodle Bar in the East Village and began the Momofuku legacy that would soon expand to Washington D.C., Toronto and Sydney, Australia.

Altogether, the Momofuku empire now includes thirteen restaurants, seven bakeries, two bars, a Culinary Lab and a quarterly publication, Lucky Peach. Since 2004 Momofuku restaurants have gained global recognition for their creative twists on traditional cuisine, all while supporting local, sustainable farmers and distributors.

Chang’s signature Ssäm sauce, a Korean chili-based condiment, is a staple at Momofuku joints that’s used on everything from fried chicken and steamed buns to pork shoulder and ramen. Its primary ingredient is gochuchang, a chili-rice-soybean mash that’s been popular in Korea since the 1700s.

For years consumers begged Chang to make his Ssäm sauce available outside of his restaurants, but the calls weren’t answered until 2015. Now, this spicy-sweet condiment can’t be bottled fast enough.

*Refrigerate after opening*

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Weight 15 oz
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